My first post

Ive been looking forward to start this blog since I have no time to update it. There are lots of things that comes out of my mind so I don't know what to write first. Maybe I should start with what I do everyday. Its giving me a hard time to manage my time this days since I am a college student. At first thing in the morning is a daily routine with eating breakfast, taking a bath, and going to school. I'm damn tired of being a student and I want to go to work directly obviously I'm so dumb to think of that. Without Education I cant reach anything but as far as it goes I can be a professional without education, with just the proper training I could be somebody someday. Isn't this dream so hard to reach? Being a student could give you much knowledge and benefits. Guess I just want the real thing, to have experience and do the job correctly not only with this boring simulations at school comparing them to the the real situations in the business. As for my first post, that's all and I thank you for dropping by.

see ya next time for my next post
=) cloud™


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