once upon a recollection

SmileysThis picture was taken at our 2nd college recollection. The characters from left to right are Mervyn, Arbie, Spoopi, Paul, Alfid, Me, Roldan, Alvin, and at the back center is Yatz. More than a recollection, this is a bonding for us, excaping the noisy essence of the city. Someone told me that "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but with the moments that take are breath away", and this picture is a moment worthy to be remembered. Something I can smile on when I'm older. Isn't it why were living for? To have a happy life? Maybe its right to fool around, we just need to keep it at minimal. And at the end of the day we lie in our beds hoping tomorrow would be a whole new adventure. For me, I want to live life at the fullest doing things I've never done before.


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