You and me

When all things break down into pieces, who do you turn to? What does life offer you after a hard struggle? What keeps you on going despite of all the troubles in this world? In my experience, inspiration is the key. You aim for something that in the end leads you to the right path. We may never know were the road of life will take us, but as we take one step we must learn to see who are behind us, beside us, and in front of us. I am lucky to find that inspiration in my life that's giving me strength, courage, and love. Maybe the words "Someone will come into your life, and make you feel less lonely..." is true. I heard it from a movie I saw last summer called "caregiver". I met someone I never knew would be a big part of my life, Maybe because we are worlds different to each other. I met her at school drinking water with her friends. At the moment I saw her, the natural reaction happened to me. My heart started to beat faster, my eyes were stuck watching her walk away( I was a complete loser to girls as you may know). We became friends after a few months, she had a boyfriend that time. The last thing I know was she was my best friend already. She made me smile every time I'm lonely, talk to me when I have problems, all the things a person needed was already mine. But for me something is still missing, I wanted to be with her , I wished shed knew how much I love her.

.....After a few months

I became so much happy because the girl of my life was mine, but many
problems came and I changed into someone I shouldn't be. I made her cry in front of my eyes, I embarrassed her. I was a complete son of a bitch, but as I write this story. I promise to become better for her, to be a person she could be proud of. If she reads this blog, I only ask of one thing, forgiveness. Maybe The person she knew from the start was still there only hiding at the deepest parts of my heart, and only her could bring it out again...


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